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On the results of UZEX in 2014, the volume of transactions increased by a quarter

In Tashkent held an enlarged meeting of the Board of JSC "UZEX", on which discussed the results of activity of the exchange in 2014 and the priorities for development in 2015, reports press service of the exchange.

As noted at the meeting, the main feature of the past year was the achievement of positive results in all areas, the implementation of the approved business plan performance, high rates of growth in transactions, increase the range of goods, further involved in the bidding. The most significant results were also observed to create the necessary conditions to attract an open and transparent trading business entities, the introduction of information and communication technologies in exchange activities.

Last year, the market has updated the historical maximum of turnover. The total volume of transactions carried out on all trading platforms, exchanges, increased by 24.2%, or more than 1.7 trillion soums and reached 8.9 trillion soums. For the first time in recent years the proportion of the volume of transactions made on the stock exchange, in total turnover UZEX was less than 80%, indicating that the empowerment carried out by the exchange fairs and auction trade. The volume of transactions amounted to 7.0 trillion soums, and the total volume of export contracts on the stock market opened reached 164.9 million USD.

At the same time, much work has been done to bring the stock market goods, not included in the category of highly liquid or monopolistic. Exchange Listing Commission opened new contracts such headings as glass containers, polymer concentrate, pipes, metal and plastic, tiles, plaster and other satin. The notable increase of volume of sales was recorded on diesel fuel - an increase of 45.6%, cotton lint - 41.2%, aluminum - by 32.8%, cement - by 11.2%, flour - by 11%, feed wheat - 8.7% and rolled ferrous metals - by 9.8%.

As a result of its own products on the stock exchange, the company - producers received additional income from the difference between the actual and the starting prices, totaling 2.8 trillion soums, with growth in 2013 by 25%, allowing them to provide additional sources of financial resources for development and modernization of enterprises.

A significant development was fair trade, the volume of transactions in the system for the first time exceeded 1.0 trillion soums, with growth in 2013 of 45.2%. Achieving this high growth rate had a positive impact on the expansion of opportunities for entrepreneurs, as this trading platform is the basis for the development of e-commerce. For example, last year the total volume of transactions concluded by small businesses in the fair trade grew by more than half to $ 685.4 billion soums. Of these, 592.8 billion soums or more than 86% from the sale of goods by businesses through the Internet trade.

High performance achieved in a system of electronic auctions, which purchased goods (works, services) to 821.0 billion soums, which is 9.2% of the total volume of transactions carried out on the stock exchange.

Particular attention has been paid in the past year the introduction of modern information and communication technologies in exchange activities. In particular, special information portal upgraded Exchange - www.uzex.uz, expanded the list of interactive services, carried out the work on the modernization of IT - Infrastructure of Exchange.

Following the meeting, on the basis of the objectives set by the government, identified priority areas for the development of the stock exchange in 2015, which are also reflected in the business plan and development plan of UZEX for 2015. The main objectives for 2015 have been identified to further increase the participation of small business and entrepreneurship at the exchange, fairs and auction bids by providing them with additional amenities and privileges on the exchange, accelerate the adoption of ICT in all spheres of activity of the exchange, ensuring the further development of trading platforms, and well as bringing to new types of trading goods and services.

IA "Jahon"