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The Localization Program replenished by 18 new projects

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Localization Program of production of finished products, components and materials for 2014-2016 have been replenished by 18 projects of 14 companies.

The document was adopted in order to further deepening of localization of production of modern competitive finished products and components on the basis of local raw materials, expansion of inter-sectoral industrial cooperation, including between small businesses and large enterprises, creating new jobs and ensuring employment of the population.

The Resolution contains the list of the localization projects included in the Program carried out at the enterprises producing consumer goods, industrial products and components, raw materials and materials.

As noted in the document, for the period until January 1, 2017, these organizations are exempt from customs duties (except customs clearance fees) for imported technological equipment and spare parts, components not produced in the Republic, used in the technological process in the production of localized products.

During this period they also will not pay income tax, unified tax payment (for entities applying the simplified system of taxation) of products produced by the localization projects, as well as the property tax on fixed assets used for the production of localized products.

These privileges are used in customs duties from the day of official publication of this regulation, and for taxes – from the first day of the month following the date of official publication of the present decree.

source: www.uzreport.uz