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Market activity is provided in compliance with international standards

In our country legislative and regulatory framework aimed at creating a favorable business and investment environment is consistently improving . As a result, market economy is increasingly developing, share of small business and entrepreneurship in the economy is growing.

Taking into account deepening of economic reforms introduced changes in national legislation on streamlining of exchange activity. It also requires rapid development of exchange technologies, emergence of new exchange-traded funds, expanding the functions of the exchanges.

Signed by head of our state September 12, 2014 Law "On amendments and additions to law of Republic of Uzbekistan "On exchanges and exchange activities" approved the Law "On exchange and exchange activities" in new edition, which will come into force after six months from the date of its official publication.

World experience shows that to date exchange trades are conducted exclusively in electronic form. This, in turn, speeds up the process of exchange agreements and increase exchange turnover.