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International Forum of poultry farmers

IA "Jahon" -4-6 November, 2014, it will be held I Tashkent International Forum of poultry farmers "Eurasia-2014". It will be organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with the Managers Association and the Association of Uzbekistan "Parrandasanoat".

This forum is the main event of Poultry Farmers of Uzbekistan, which will focus on feeding, veterinary, livestock and equipment.

Poultry farming in Uzbekistan is currently the most stable and dynamic field of agriculture, which was able to quickly increase production of poultry products and provide the population with high-quality dietary product - eggs and poultry meat.

Implementation in practice of modern crosses, technology, cultivation, and feeding the birds, preventive veterinary measures allow for high production performance and stable operation of poultry farms.

The forum will be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Chamber of Commerce, the Managers Association, the Association "Parrandasanoat", International Council of poultry, as well as managers and specialists of poultry farms of Uzbekistan and the CIS, firms and companies.