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The implementation of insurance against natural and technological risks in Uzbekistan

The national export and import insurance company "Uzbekinvest", on the initiative of the Association of professional participants of the insurance market of Uzbekistan hosted a "round table" with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Emergency Situations, professional participants in the insurance market, as well as analysts' of “Information-rating agency SAIPRO ».

The event discussed ways to implement a comprehensive system for the protection of interests of the state, the public and business entities in the event of injury to life, health or property as a result of catastrophic natural and technological hazards.

Participants of the event made presentations on topical management of catastrophic risks in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the impact of emergencies on economic development, and development of insurance of catastrophic risks in international markets and others.

Speakers highlighted the importance of insurance against catastrophic natural and technological hazards, as it contributes to minimize the damage caused during a disaster.

Following the event, participants of the meeting agreed that the ongoing event would be a start of a process on the implementation of insurance against the risk of natural and manmade catastrophes. In the future, they decided to discuss the mechanisms for implementing and working with this type of insurance.

source: www.uzreport.uz