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Transplantation in a New Way


In recent years, an aesthetic medicine is actively advancing in the country. One of the results of its development was the introduction of advanced technologies for hair transplantation. The correspondent of Uzbekistan Today got acquainted with More in this direction at the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Center of Dermatology and Venereology.

"For four years, a modern high-tech technique for hair transplantation has been introduced in the clinic of our center", says the director of the center Ulughbek Sabirov. “The essence of the method is to transplant your own hair from the donor to the problem zone”.

When this surgical method of treatment is performed, a stable life-long result is achieved (in contrast to various therapeutic methods - lotions, physiotherapy, hormonal therapy). That is, the transplanted hair will not be dropped out later. All the necessary steps are carried out in accordance with European standards, with compliance with all requirements as for technology, equipment and tools, and sanitary and epidemiological aspects.

“For the first time in Uzbekistan we introduced the technique of seamless method of hair transplantation (FUE-method), the specialists of our clinic have the biggest practical experience in carrying out such operations”, Ulughbek Sabirov continues to introduce with the innovations. “To date, more than 500 operations have been performed that means more than 100 thousand transplanted grafts, or hair follicles. An ever-expanding list of patients who turn, including on the advice of those people who at one time already experienced the effectiveness of the new technique from their own experience, is an indicator of trust.