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Summary and Outlook


Special attention deserves the organization of a roundtable discussion on the topic “Legislation and practices of supporting the development of renewable sources of energy: national and foreign experience” held early June at the initiative of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan jointly with the UNDP, the OSCE Project Coordinator in Uzbekistan and other international organizations.

The plenum participants noted some shortcomings in the activities of the Ecological Movement. In particular, some territorial divisions do not use the potential of members of the territorial Kengashes to the full extent; they do not cooperate with the NGOs at the proper level, and do not pay sufficient attention to dissemination of information about themselves through the local and national mass media.

Tasks were outlined on the improvement of the Ecomovement and its regional structures’ activities, as well as on the role of MPs in the solution of problems linked with the wastes, preservation of the Aral Sea area genetic fund, organization of environmental control by public inspectors, improvement of the continuous ecologic education and solution of other pressing environmental issues.

The Ecomovement and its deputies’ group drew up special attention to the realization of the tasks and priority directions outlines by the President of the country in his report at the gala meeting, devoted to the 24th anniversary of the Constitution, and in his speech at the joint session of the chambers of Oliy Majlis.