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Real holiday gift for soldiers


In Farghona Region, various cultural enlightenment events and meetings are taking place under the slogan “Uzbekistan is our independent Motherland, and the national army is our pride and honour” on the occasion of the 25thanniversary of the formation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

A video dialogue entitled “My son is a defender of the Motherland” has been conducted by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the hokimiyats (governorates) of Farghona and Bukhara Regions with the participation of soldiers performing their manly duty in Farghona and Bukhara Regions and their parents.

During the event, it was said that consistent reforms being implemented in the national army to further strengthen the country’s defence capability and to ensure peace in the country, the inviolability of its borders and the people’s tranquillity were producing great results.

During the dialogue, parents held conversations with their children about military life and conditions that had been created there for them. Those soldiers said with pride that they were doing military service in a satisfactory manner and that the necessary conditions had been created for them to acquire military knowledge thoroughly and to get physically stronger.

“Serving in the ranks of our national army is a duty of honour for every young man. All the necessary conditions have been created for military servicemen to study, to get physically stronger and to raise their qualifications. Various cultural enlightenment events and meetings are being held with writers, scholars and artistes. No matter what sphere I choose in future and what profession I learn, I am always ready for the honourable work of keeping our Motherland’s peace and our people’s tranquillity,” says private Shohruz Norboyev from Bukhara Region. He is serving at a military unit in Farghona Region.

During the video dialogue, Dilbar Ismatova from the village of Avval in Farghona District, the mother of private Zabardast performing his manly duty at a military unit in Bukhara Region, said: “Today I saw my son and other boys doing military service together with him, and I felt even more pride. Really brave people defend their Motherland. My son has grown up considerably, and resolve can be seen in his eyes. The conditions which have been created are satisfactory.”

At the event, melodies and songs about peace, youth and kindness were performed.