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Quality to Hit Impassability


A State Inspection to Control Quality of Road Construction has been instituted in Uzbekistan. The new state agency will control the road construction, and be accountable to the government.

It will be engaged in monitoring the compliance of legal entities and individuals with the requirements of regulatory documents in terms of technical regulation of road construction, production of road construction materials, products and structures.

SICQRC specialists will be involved in commissions on operational acceptance of constructed road facilities, come up with proposals and participate in streamlining of related regulatory documentation.

Another function will have to do with standardization and certification of road construction materials, products and structures.

The SICQRC staff will employ 26 state inspectors, who will continuously monitor quality of road construction works in all regions of the country.

The agency has huge amounts of work for the next few years. Overhaul and running repairs of 5,454 km of inter-farm rural roads, urban and countryside streets are scheduled for next two years alone - 2,700 km in 2017, and 2,274 km in 2018.