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New Grants from the Public Fund


The Public Fund under the Oliy Majlis has announced two new contests to allocate the state grants.

On the topic "Increasing the role of social partnership in the sphere of environmental and medical awareness of the population, strengthening environmental protection, developing ecotourism in the country and promoting healthy lifestyles".

It will be accepted the project proposals of NGOs, the media and other civil society institutions aimed at achieving the following objectives:

1. Conduct of the public environmental control over compliance with the requirements of legislation in the field of environmental protection, enhancing the sanitary condition of the territories of mahallas.

2. Realization of practical measures and mechanisms aimed at securing a favorable sanitary and ecological condition of settlements.

3. Implementation of measures for the development of children's, youth, youth, family tourism, tours for the elderly and the strengthening of the social role of tourism, the creation of new tourist routes in the regions and the advancement of ecological tourism among the population.

4. Promoting the dissemination of information on the tourism potential of Uzbekistan through national and foreign media, the development of tourist information centers in the regions of the country with active use of the Internet.

5. Introduction of modern advanced technologies in practice for the effective use of land, water and other natural resources, especially in rural areas and at social infrastructure facilities.

6. Propagation of a healthy way of life, wide attraction of the population to the employment by physical training and sports through the creation of conditions for the further development of children's and youth sports.

7. Organization of activities aimed at improving the health of women of fertile age, prolonging the intervals between births, preventing the early marriages and marriages between close relatives.

8. Realization of comprehensive measures to form a healthy family and enhance the reproductive health of the population.

9. Assisting in the development of social infrastructure, provision of quality public services, improvement of living conditions for the people of advanced age.

10. Boosting the public activity of the population in the sphere of improving and landscape gardening of the territories, enhancing the sanitary and ecological situation in the mahallas by carrying out public events and actions.

11. Further introduction of renewable clean energy sources in medical and educational institutions.

12. Assisting the citizens' self-government bodies in realization of the measures aimed at ensuring environmental protection, improving and landscape gardening of the territories, enhancing the sanitary and ecological situation in the mahallas territories, especially in remote rural settlements.

13. Organization of a series of activities for the youth in the field to warn and prevent acute infectious diseases in partnership with health institutions and other organizations.

14. Realization of practical measures on the social adaptation and support of the children with special needs, their familiarization with various sports, science, culture and art.

15. Strengthening the traditions of a healthy lifestyle in the family, the implementation of projects under the motto "Prosperity of the Motherland begins with the family", assistance in preventing the harmful effect of adverse environmental factors on the public health.

16. Promoting the widespread introduction of modern, innovative energy and water saving technologies, including in the field of waste processing.

17. Improving the medical awareness of the population, especially adolescent girls, in the field of rational nutrition, the prevention of an anemia and others.

18. Raising public awareness on the issues of the sanitary and epidemiological situation, assisting in the prevention of infectious diseases spreading from domestic and other animals.

On the topic "Strengthening the partnership in the upbringing of spiritually-moral and harmoniously developed youth, giving broad opportunities to achieve the assigned tasks in finding a worthy place in life".

It will be accepted the project proposals of NGOs, the media and other civil society institutions aimed at achieving the following objectives:

1. Realization of spiritual and educational activities, competitions among the young people aimed at increasing the sense of justice of the population, legal awareness and strengthening the rule of law in society.

2. Strengthening of the role of the public and civil society institutions in exercising control over the execution of the norms of legislation in places aimed at protecting the rights and securing the interests of young people.

3. Boosting the legal, medical, economic, financial and ecological awareness of the youth with the application of new mechanisms for social partnership.

4. Introduction of modern forms and methods of instruction aimed at building a sense of responsibility in parents, citizens' self-government bodies and educational institutions to prevent child neglect and offenses among the young people.

5. Elaboration, publication and dissemination of specialized literature on the basis of Braille's letter on teaching foreign languages for young visually impaired or blind people.

6. Organization and conduct of various social and cultural events, such as marathons, special sports and educational competitions, creative and intellectual evenings with representatives of the intelligentsia, including writers, artists, sportsmen living in the region, directly for the hard-to-educate youth taking into account their age.

7. Stimulating the development of creative activity and increasing interest in reading books among the young people.

8. Establishment of social partnership in the organization and functioning of the reading rooms with a book fund, modern information and communication technologies, leisure rooms for chess games, checkers, gyms with special simulators for youth and the elderly at the citizens gatherings.

9. Organization and conduct of the various events, competitions and exhibitions of fine arts and crafts among the young people with disabilities under the slogan "I create myself" via the partnership with the local executive authorities, the Youth Civic Movement “Kamolot”, women's committees, the association “Hunarmand”, disabled, blind, deaf and other NGO societies.

10. Assisting in the formation of young people's desire to create a healthy and prosperous family, increasing knowledge in the prevention of hereditary and congenital diseases, preventing social and psychological problems in the family, early marriages and divorces.

11. Intensifying the interaction of the family, mahallas and educational institutions in the upbringing of children, youth and young families in the spirit of centuries-old national traditions and values on the experience of exemplary families.

12. Organization of the activities to establish the principles of a healthy lifestyle, protection from alcoholism, drug addiction, immorality, harmful effects, threats and influences of low-quality "mass culture" among the young people.

13. Realization of the measures aimed at enhancing the legal awareness, civic consciousness of the young people, its awareness of the ongoing reforms in the sphere of state and public construction, as well as the adopted legislative acts.

14. Strengthening the work on involving the young people in the entrepreneurship, development of the family business, especially graduates of professional colleges and higher educational institutions with special attention to the youth of rural areas.

15. Realization of the measures on the comprehensive development of the youth business, strengthening their skills in the export of goods and services in partnership with local government authorities, commercial banks, business entities.

16. Involvement of the unorganized youth in training the entrepreneurial skills and socially useful work by organizing short-term courses in rural areas aimed at obtaining the necessary knowledge and information.

17. Formation of such high moral qualities as respect, veneration of parents and elders, caring for the younger, kindness and humanity, mercy and generosity, devotion to the Motherland and its people among the younger generation.

The amount of the grant allocated for one project - up to 25 million soums. Reception of documents is carried out from May 10 to June 15, 2017.

The terms and conditions of submitting documents and their samples are available on the official website of the Public Fund under the Oliy Majlis: www.fundngo.uz.