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Legislative chamber approves report on execution of state budget


The Legislative chamber of the Oliy Majlis held its regular session on 11 September. Deputies reviewed the results of execution of the state budget and budgets of state targeted funds for the first half of this year.

The session stressed that sustainability of economic growth and macroeconomic stability was preserved over the reporting period.

High investment activity, ongoing structural changes, implementation of high-tech projects on production of competitive products based on the deep processing of raw materials and semi-finished products, the creation of favorable economic environment for businesses, stimulating their export activities and accelerating the development of services were main factors of the growth.

Deputies emphasized that due to measures undertaken to improve the use of reserves and resource potential of regions to strengthen the local budgets, proceeds from direct taxes amounted to 5 528,7 billion soums and grew 793,8 billion soums, that is 16.8 percent compared to the same period of 2016.

Deputies also noted omissions and shortcomings in revenue generation and effective use of state budget funds. In particular, they critically analyzed the ineffective use of existing reserves by local public authorities.

Inadequate attention is paid to reducing the dependence of regions and cities from subventions for implementation of regional programs to accelerate socio-economic development, especially in the sphere of industry and services.

In addition, deputies criticized the finance departments for the partial provision of information for the execution of the main financial document of the country during the reporting period. In this connection, parliamentary associations and the appropriate committee had to request additional information during a preparation for the discussion.

Overall, the meeting adopted the resolution on approval of the report on the execution of the state budget and budgets of state targeted funds for the first half of 2017.