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International Press Club, for the First Time in Uzbekistan


The Strategy of Actions has defined new approaches in all spheres of our life, including in the media. This implies the coverage of events in the media not only objectively and operatively, but interestingly and vividly.

The appearance of a new media structure in the information space of the country is directed to achieve these goals: the International Press Club (IPC) has been formally established in the capital.

In the presence of the parliamentarians, representatives of international organizations, ministries and departments, famous scientists, teachers and students, founders of media-sites, including leading editions, television channels, news agencies and electronic media, a ceremony of presenting by the Ministry of Justice a certificate on registration of the press club as a non-governmental non-profit organization was carried out.

Before the official ceremony, the first meeting of the IPC Public Council was conducted. Sherzod Kudratkhodjayev – dean of the faculty of journalism at the National University of Uzbekistan, was elected chairman of the press club.

Speaking at the event, the Deputy State Adviser - the head of the press service of the President of the country Asadjon Khodjayev stressed that the head of state places special attention on increasing the effectiveness of reforms, the all-round dynamic development of the state and society, modernization and liberalization of all spheres, and the consistent establishment of a dialogue with the people. And the International Press Club will serve as an interactive platform in the operative and qualitative coverage of the events taking place in Uzbekistan, reforms and large-scale reforms, further advancement of social dialogue.

The First Deputy Chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, Chairman of the IPC Public Council Sodik Safoyev noted that the International Press Club will become a link in the evolvement of a public dialogue. The first persons of ministries and departments here will not only report on the results of their work, but also answer the questions, accept the proposals of the journalists and the public. According to him, the IPC will not sound victorious communiqués and reports, the live discussions here promise to become acute, but trustworthy and frank which will discuss and find ways to solve them by raising problems.

National and foreign experts, heads of delegations, major international organizations and representatives of official circles will be invited to this place constantly. Communication with the global information community will be reciprocal: through the club, the foreign media will learn more and more about the progress of large-scale reforms in the country which will bolster the positive image of Uzbekistan. It was announced that in the long-term plans is to organize the work of this media site abroad.

The press club that any media can enter is planned to be extended to all regions of the republic where the work of local journalists and the exchange of information should also correspond to the changes in other spheres. In addition, the site will become a venue for trainings and master classes of experts in the media sphere.

The head of the National Center for Human Rights Akmal Saidov highlighted that the club will conduct events in a new format devoted to the discussion for the results of the activities of the people's reception offices, domestic and foreign policy of Uzbekistan, human rights protection, the implementation of the Strategy for Actions, laws and regulations, and media outlets with foreign delegations, representatives of leading international organizations and official circles visiting our country.

"The international press club is organized as a non-governmental non-profit organization, its main goal is the further advancement of the information space of our country, bringing the objective information about the changes taking place in the economic, social and political life of Uzbekistan to the notice of the broader international public", said the chairman of the IPC Sherzod Kudratkhodjayev. “The status of the NGOs will ensure the financing of the club, including through foreign and domestic grants. I am confident that the activities of the press club will serve to boost the openness of state power, public control over the system of checks and balances”.

The press club - the new format for Uzbekistan was successfully tested during the election campaign at the end of last year. In a short time, 12 sessions with the participation of 400 experts and 600 media representatives were taken place in the special club Elections.uz organized by the National Association of Electronic Mass Media (NAEMM) and other organizations. The result was more than 2 thousand publications, plots and broadcasts in ten languages.