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Collected stories of Erkin A’zam "Heirs to the Great Sinner Sheikh San’on" published in London


The book of the Uzbek national writer Erkin A’zam "Heirs to the Great Sinner Sheikh San’on" has been published in the UK in English.

The presentation of best-seller has been conducted in the framework of the V International Literary Festival Open Eurasian Literature Festival & Book Forum in London which was organized by the Eurasian creative guild. It is noteworthy that it was the first time publishing the work of contemporary Uzbek writer in London.

It is known that in 2014 a collected stories of Erkin A’zam "Farewell to fairy tales" was published in English and French with the assistance of the Permanent Mission of Uzbekistan to UNESCO. Presentation of the book took place in Washington and Paris. The British Hertfordshire Press publishing house has enriched the collection with the translations of writer’s new works, and published it under the title "Heirs to the Great Sinner Sheikh San'on”.

- During my literary career I have edited many works of the post-Soviet writers. The Book of Erkin A’zam is the fiftieth of them, - said Carol Ermakova (author of the foreword to the book). – Even though there is no story called "Heirs to the Great Sinner Sheikh San'on", the book reflects the faith philosophy of famous Sheikh San’on. Reading the works of the writer it seems to us that we feel the heartbeat of modern Central Asia.

The collection includes five works of the master of words - the novel "Noise", stories "Guli-Guli", "Loving soul of shorty", "Writer’s garden" and "dog bites visitor’s daughter". These works represent the highest examples of Uzbek prose, talk about the fate of people who lived in an era of historic change, and the state of mind of our contemporaries with inherent conflicts, its positive and negative aspects.

The novel "Noise" which has become an important event in the national novel writing, talks about the life realities of the 90-ies of the last century. It should be emphasized that this is the first work in which the social and political changes of the time were described massively. The novel depicts hard life of the Uzbek intelligentsia in the difficult period with the bright colors.

Other works which were included in the collected stories and rich in symbolism, metaphors and undertones, leave readers a deep impression, as if they had read the whole novel.

Erkin A’zam - a writer who with his works glorifying the ideas of humanism and freedom, has raised Uzbek literature to a new level and deservedly won the love of readers. We hope that Western audience will appreciate his work.

Jahon Information Agency