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Businesswoman, Craftswoman, and Beauty


In Uzbekistan, women have long ceased to be just the hearth keepers. Today, they successfully combine the career of a researcher, legislator, businesswoman, while remaining beloved by the close ones.

Gulnora Azimova is among those who are hold up as an example. She is an entrepreneur, a master of all trades, and just a beauty.

She has a goal to preserve and develop the traditions of the national gold embroidery art. To achieve it, she works hard and teaches her craft to her pupils.

“My grandmother used to say that when you are engaged in gold embroidery, every stitch should be accompanied by a good desire, asking the Almighty for it, and then it will surely come true." By the example of my life, I was convinced that if a person lovingly and selflessly does a particular job, he will surely achieve success, and get joy from his job. I am happy to see when people wear my works,” Gulnora says.

The girl graduated from the Applied Arts Department of the Nizami Tashkent State Pedagogical University, got her Master's Degree, and now is teaching artistic gold embroidery at the Republican College of Design.

Together with her students, Gulnora Azimova is actively involved in national and international exhibitions and competitions, festivals. Creative works of the master and her students were awarded gold and silver medals of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

Her student Umida Vohidova won the gold medal in the nomination ‘The Young Master of Gold Embroidery’ at the Art Week Festival of the Academy of Arts last year.

The mother of three children, a caring teacher, Gulnora is a happy woman, who is satisfied with her fate and is confident in the bright future. Her achievements are the result of the country’s policy on raising the status of women in society, protecting their rights and interests, ensuring their active participation in the socio-political and cultural life of the country.

“I'm proud to do my favorite job and bring benefit to the family and the country,” she says. “I am sure that we will achieve even greater success by continuing the traditions of our mothers’ crafts. I would also like to emphasize that women are not a weak sex and are not destined to stand at stove all the time. I strive to prove that with my entrepreneurial activities.”