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Best Cure for Depression


The capital has hosted traditional events on the occasion of World Health Day. This year, the emphasis is placed on combating depression.

One of the main goals of World Health Day is to raise public awareness on the problem that we usually do not notice, and even if we notice it, we do not pay due attention. Doctors are convinced that this will help to manage the depression - one of the problems of modern health.

This disease is characterized by a constant state of despondency and loss of interest in activities that usually bring satisfaction, as well as inability to do daily business for at least two weeks. In addition, people with depression usually have several of the following symptoms: lack of energy, lack of appetite, drowsiness or insomnia, worry, decreased concentration, indecisiveness, anxiety, feelings of self-worthiness, guilt or despair, and thoughts about causing oneself the harm or even the suicide.

“People of all ages and population groups suffer from depression in all countries. It causes mental suffering, negatively affects a person's ability to perform the simplest everyday tasks and can sometimes have disastrous consequences for the patient's relationship with family and friends, as well as his/her ability to earn for a living. The depression can lead to the suicide - today the second leading cause of death among people aged 15-29 years”, said the director of the Institute of Health and Medical Statistics Zulhumor Mutalova.

“Nevertheless, this disease is susceptible to prevention and treatment”, the expert emphasized. A deeper understanding of what it is and how it can be prevented or cured will help to dispel the negative stereotypes associated with this disease.

Throughout the world, negative stereotypes associated with mental illness, including depression, continue to prevent the people from seeking the help. Discussing this problem with a family member, friend or professional health worker, as well as in educational institutions and the workplace, in the media, blogs or social networks - will encourage many people to seek the help.

“On the occasion of the conduct of this campaign, the information materials for representatives of different age categories were prepared which will be distributed in the near future", Zulkhumor Mutalova stated.

In all materials, the same proposal is found which is the first, the most simple and accessible for each recommendation to solve the problem: "Talking with people you trust can be the first step to getting rid of the depression".