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5 tons of sumalak is ready!

5 tons of sumalak is ready!


Navruz holiday in Namangan began in high spirits. As previously reported, after the spread of the news about the preparation of 5 tons of sumalak (a wheat bran pudding – the main holiday dish of Navruz), the attention of not only residents of the city, but also of all regions of the country was focused on festive celebrations in Namangan.

Under the sounds of carnays and surnays (national musical instruments), a hearth was set up on which a 3-ton kazan (cauldron), made at Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combinat, was placed. Kazan was installed in the park of culture and recreation named after Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur, where sayils (folk festivities) and main festive events were organized for residents and visitors of the city.

Preparation of sumalak has started on March 19 at 20.00.
During the preparation, 1.1 tons of wheat were cleaned and washed, 2.5 tons of flour were sieved. More than 300 women participated in this process. The washed wheat was laid out on 50 special tables with a total area of more than 112 square meters for germination. 25 female chefs, attracted to the preparation of sumalak, were on duty around the clock, since the wheat must be watered every three days, and the process of its germination should be controlled. Otherwise, the grain may not germinate or grow before the term, which will not only violate all plans, but will also affect the quality and taste of sumalak.

It is symbolic that 5.2 thousand liters of liquid from the wheat rotated through a meat grinder were poured into 27 boilers – a symbol of the 27th anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan, located around a large cauldron.

In addition to the ingredients listed above, 250 liters of vegetable oil, 2.4 thousand tons of water, and cleanly washed round stones were also mixed in the cauldron. So sumalak was prepared for 24 hours. Preparation of this dish was accompanied by songs and dances. Finally, on the early morning of the holiday – on March 21, with a blessing, the cauldron was carefully opened. Delicious aroma of sumalak that mixed with the smell of spring was spread all over the place.

The sayil began with distribution of the prepared spring dish.

Indeed, the mood of the festive sayil, which began in the districts, remote villages and makhallas of the region, as if moved to a park of culture and recreation. Collectives of all citizens’ gatherings, educational, cultural and medical institutions of the city gathered here. In one place, an exhibition of books “Namangan kitob olami”, in the other – a demonstration of the most unique flowers for the flower beds, which will be presented in the upcoming “Flower festival”, are being held. Kite festival, performances of athletes... All mixed up with bright colors of peace, prosperity, beauty and joy.

In the competition of preparing pilaf, skilled chefs started cooking it from the smallest quantity of rice – 250 grams, during the event, a “Tandir show” competition is also being held, where bakers and masters on preparation of samsa are demonstrating mastery of making dishes in tandir.

In addition, the sayil continued in four large parks of Namangan. Folk ensembles, folklore and circus collectives, pop singers, famous playwrights and poets, art workers, spiritual propagandists performed their festive programs.