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The country celebrated the Day of employees of the prosecutor's office


In the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan on January 8 an event was organized in connection with the Day of employees of the prosecutor's office.

This date, established in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan of December 19, 2016, is celebrated in our country for the second time.

The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.Abdullaev, paying attention to these aspects, stressed that the responsibility for ensuring the rule of law and strengthening the rule of law was even greater. Consistently improving activities to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens, protected by law, the interests of society and the state, the prevention and prevention of crime and delinquency.

As the head of our state noted, the activities of the employees of the prosecutor's office require great responsibility, dedication and honesty. Every decision taken concerns the fate of a person. Hence, in this case, the main criteria should be attention and caution.

As a result of the implemented reforms within the framework of the Strategy of Actions, the Concept of Administrative Reform, practical measures aimed at ensuring human rights guarantees have been strengthened. Consistently ensured the legitimate rights of the population and entrepreneurs. Increased attention to the prevention of crime and delinquency has increased the ability of the prosecutor's office to conduct a direct dialogue with citizens, to resolve their problems on the ground.

At the event, with the participation of the employees of the Prosecutor General's Office, the Military Prosecutor's Office, the Department for Combating Tax, Currency Crimes and Legalization of Criminal Incomes at the General Prosecutor's Office, the Bureau of Compulsory Execution and other structures, employees who make a worthy contribution to training legal personnel and raising the legal culture of the population, exemplary performing their official duties, as well as representatives of higher educational institutions and other organizations.

Source: Uzbekistan Today