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Remembering the Fallen, Celebrating the Living


On May 9, there were conducted the festive events dedicated to the Day of Memory and Honor in Tashkent and all the cities and regions of our country.

This holiday is celebrated in a special atmosphere this year. In accordance with the Decree of the head of state, each participant of the Second World War was presented with the congratulations from the President of our country, 2 million soums of monetary compensation, certificates for the out of turn purchase of a car, and housing for the needy veterans.

On May 9, at the Memory Square in the capital, the head of state laid a wreath at the foot of the Monument to the Sorrowful Mother with the sounds of a military band. The President of Uzbekistan paid homage to the memory of our compatriots who died in the World War II.

This day, a festive event dedicated to the Day of Memory and Honor and the 72nd anniversary of the victory in the Second World War was carried out at the garden of the Scientific Research Institute of Horticulture, Winegrowing and Winemaking named after Academician M. Mirzayev in Zangiata district of the Tashkent region. 500 veterans of war and labor from all regions of the republic took part in it.

Here, the atmosphere of 1941-1945 was symbolically reproduced - trenches and dug-outs were built, military equipment and armaments of those years were placed. The situation recalled the courage and heroism showed by our people on the battlefields, reflected the sacred memory of thousands of our compatriots who did not returned from the war, and the selfless participants in the labor front.

The participants greeted the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev with applauses who congratulated all our people on May 9 - Day of Memory and Honor and 72nd Victory in the Second World War.

The population of Uzbekistan was about 6.5 million people at the beginning of the war, of which 1.5 million participated in it. On the battlefield, over 500 thousand of our compatriots were fallen, and how many returned as invalid, missed without a trace ... All this shows how high this victory cost to our people.

Our people showed true courage and heroism during the war. About 1 million people were evacuated to Uzbekistan, including more than 200,000 children. Hundreds of our compatriots took them to their families. The Shomahmudovs family from Tashkent adopted 14 children, the Samadovs from Kattakurgan - 12 children, the Juraevs and Ashurkhujayevs from Bukhara - 8 children. And such examples are many.

A wide place in the program of the event was given to the poems and songs of famous poets and artists which were consonant with the essence of the Day of Memory and Honor. The excerpts were read from the poem "Take arms in hand" by Hamid Olimjon, "You are not an orphan" by Gafur Ghulom, "Woman" by Abdulla Oripov and others.

There was told about the large-scale work carried out in the years of independence to honor the veterans of the Second World War and the labor front, to provide them with the material and moral support.

"The event dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of victory in the Second World War left a deep impression", said the Charge d'Affaires ad interim of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Uzbekistan Zhang Venchuan. “It reflects worthily the huge contribution of the Uzbek people to the victory over fascism. Uzbekistan and China are supporters of the peace on the earth and in this direction always support each other on an international scale”.

The Day of Memory and Honor was widely celebrated in all corners of our country.