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Tourism and Small Business


In Samarkand, UzLiDeP has organized a practical workshop on the theme "Prospects of tourism: the role of small business and private entrepreneurship".

During the event which was attended by representatives of the tourism sector, managers of travel companies, hotels, entrepreneurs and artisans, there was noted that in our country a special significance is attached to the development of tourism, the efficient use of capacities and resources in this area.

The Decree of the President on the accelerated development of the tourism industry on December 2, 2016 is aimed at continuing this work at a higher level and expanding its scope. There were created opportunities for the further development of tourism and its infrastructure, active introduction of national tourism services on the international market.

“The Decree of the President provided a number of benefits for the entities of the sphere,” the head of the Samarkand regional department of the State Committee for Tourism Development Ilhom Suvonov said. “There were designed the convenience for the tourists visiting to our country. From April 1, 2017 there will be realized measures for the introduction of "green corridor" control system for foreign tourists with the simplified procedure for passing through passport and customs control, baggage claim at the international airports of Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Urgench.”

At the event it was noted that Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party should consider the further development of this industry and the creation of new jobs in it as an important source of increasing the well-being of the population. To this end, specific actions are taken on the support of the electorate representatives conducting activities in this field, providing them with privileges and preferences, wide attraction of investment capital in the sphere.

During the seminar there was carried out an exchange of views on issues regarding the advancement of environmental, health, agricultural and domestic tourism, activating unused capacity in the field, further training of guides.