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Strong cooperation and access to external markets


A territorial industrial trade fair and a cooperative exchange have taken place in Navoiy.

This event was held in accordance with a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on measures to conduct an international industrial trade fair and a cooperative exchange in the year 2017. 250 enterprises displayed their products at the trade fair.

This traditional trade fair serves as an important factor in strengthening cooperation between big industrial enterprises and small business and private entrepreneurship entities specializing in the production of competitive export-oriented and import-substituting products, spare parts and components.

The attention of participants in the trade fair was attracted to new types of products being made in the region on the basis of a programme for setting up the local production of goods, specifically such highly competitive goods as home appliances, modern medical products, equipment for the chemical industry and ore-extraction equipment.

“At our enterprise, where 11 people work, secondary polythene pipes are made for use in the utilities system. Demand for them is constantly growing. This year, we initiated the production of concrete slabs for pavements. At the trade fair, we concluded agreements with buyers and producers, and also reached an agreement for the purchase of a line for the production of foam boards. Now we are about to expand our range of products, increase incomes and create new jobs,” says Mahliyo Rajabova, the manager of the Ozodbek Plast LLC in Karmana District.

At the trade fair, modern banking services, novelties in the agricultural sphere and projects for the production of quality goods on the basis of programmes for setting up the local production of goods were presented broadly.

At the conclusion of the event, internal agreements were reached on the purchase of new equipment, technologies and products worth more than 80 billion soms, and so were export deals worth almost 4 million dollars.