“Uzbekistan” national exhibition stand draws visitors’ attention

At the MITT – 2017 international tourism exhibition being held in Moscow, Uzbekistan’s tourism potential is widely displayed.

Melodies of native country

In the palace of arts of Ellikqala District of the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, north-western Uzbekistan, a concert programme entitled “Ona yurt ohanglari” (Melodies of the native country) was presented with the participation of the youth symphonic orchestra of Uzbekistan.

In Recognition of the Best

The Istiqlol Palace of Arts in the capital Tashkent hosted February 14 a ceremony of awarding the winners of Etirof (Recognition) Award. By tradition, the awarding ritual was accompanied by an enchanting and grandiose concert program and the excitement of winners did not leave anyone indifferent.

Enchanted with Uzbekistan

The Bonum Factum Art Gallery has held a meeting with the famous photographer, worked for 10 years at Time magazine, and now co-operating with the National Geographic magazine, John Stanmeyer. The meeting was attended by already familiar young amateur photographers - members of the group ‘Young Photo of Uzbekistan’, as well as all those interested in the project of the photojournalist.

Sumi-e - Creativity for the Soul

In Japan, they say that to be good at drawing is the art, but another art is the ability to admire the finished painting. For all lovers of Japanese art the Ikuo Hirayama International Caravansarai of Culture opens the report exhibition of the group of Japanese painting - sumi-e.

Theater Pride

The Museum of the Uzbek National Academic Drama Theater has opened a new exhibition about the history, creative path of the theater troupe, and the most famous performances and renowned actors involved in them.

Japanese edition: Alisher Navoi devoted his entire life to the service of justice and goodness

As previously reported, the Soka University hosted an event dedicated to the 576 anniversary of the birth of the outstanding statesman, poet and thinker Alisher Navoi. This event was covered in the Japanese press, particularly the newspaper Seikyu Shimbun.

Display of friendship and cooperation

Artistes of Kyrgyzstan’s Osh state Uzbek-language academic musical drama theatre named after Muhammad Bobur have made a visit to Farghona Region, eastern Uzbekistan.

Extensive Practice

Faced with a lot of unexpected problems, overcoming all difficulties and still adhering to their ideals, students have held a festival with a rich, varied program, and plenty of surprises.

When the Soul Longs for Lyrics

Surprisingly cozy and warm atmosphere has reigned at the long-awaited musical and poetic evening ‘The New Year Poems’ hosted by the Sergey Yesenin Museum in Tashkent. There was no notorious wall separating the audience and readers.

Uzbekistan is a united family of many nationalities

A cultural enlightenment event has taken place in Samarqand on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the republican international cultural centre of Uzbekistan.

Architectural complex Poi Kalon on Euronews

Since the beginning of 2017 the Euronews continues to acquaint with historical monuments and tourist attractions of our country.

Collected stories of Erkin A’zam "Heirs to the Great Sinner Sheikh San’on" published in London

The book of the Uzbek national writer Erkin A’zam "Heirs to the Great Sinner Sheikh San’on" has been published in the UK in English.

Pirimkul Kadyrov’s "Yulduzli tunlar" presented in Islamabad

In Pakistani society, particularly political and academic circles treat the historical and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan with particular respect. There is no exception here the work of the great statesman Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur.

Women of Uzbekistan lavished with care and attention

Honouring women and showing special respect for them are noble qualities characteristic of Uzbek people. As a result of weighty work being carried out in Uzbekistan on raising women’s status in society, they are achieving big successes in all spheres.

The Eastern Riches

Pomegranate… In the East, this is not only a huge pink fruits with peels, flaying which you have the red and juicy grains. Pomegranate is a symbol of prosperity, fertility, wealth, and family. The theme of pomegranate has always been, is and will be relevant. Therefore, the organizers chose this theme, calling the exhibition ‘The Flower of the pomegranate I will weave in a braid…’ that has been opened in the Exhibition Hall of the Alisher Navoi National Park.

Uzbekistan to abolish visas for tourists from 27 countries

The decree of Interim President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev dated December 2, 2016 approved measures to ensure accelerated development of the tourism industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

When Architectural Monuments Start “Talking”

On October 17, 2016, Uzbekistan Today News Agency, the UNESCO Office in Uzbekistan and the National Association of Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan hosted a presentation of the project ‘The Architectural Epigraphy of Uzbekistan’.

Returning to Tashkent. 30 Years Later…

There is nothing better than celebrating your birthday where you were born.

Euronews about the Complex Shahi Zinda

Euronews TV channel continues to show a cycle of broadcasts Postcards fr om Uzbekistan. The broadcast includes report dedicated to the memorial complex Shahi Zinda in Samarkand.

"Traditions' Keepers: Ceramics of Uzbekistan" exhibition closes in Tashkent

The Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan hosted the press-conference and the closing ceremony of the exhibition called “Traditions' Keepers: Ceramics of Uzbekistan”. The best works of ceramics masters from different regions of the country were presented at the exhibition.

Global Attraction

Uzbekistan is famous not only with Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva; it has a vast Cart Blanche for tourist operators in the field of setting up new tourist routes, which will turn Uzbekistan into an even more interesting and attractive country for the greater number of foreign tourists. At the same time it has to be admitted that new routes spring up with every passing day, which are interesting for Uzbekistanis themselves and provide them with an opportunity to get acquainted with their own country and discover its unknown sites.

UNESCO Calls for Reform in Global Education

In the new Global Report on Education Monitoring, prepared under the auspices of UNESCO, authors analyze how education can contribute to progress in the achievement of the entire range of global ends set on the agenda in the area of sustainable development for the period of up to 2030. The experts conclude that education needs serious reforms.

Tashkent to host photo exhibition "Magic Slovakia"

On September 16, the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Academy of arts of Uzbekistan will organize a photo exhibition "Magic Slovakia". The event will take place at the Tashkent House of photography.

The passing away of Kyudzo Kato - heavy loss for the Uzbek people

On September 12 a famous scientist and archaeologist, professor emeritus of the National Ethnological Museum of Japan, holder of the Order "Dustlik", an honorary citizen of the city of Termez Kyudzo Kato passed away in the Surkhandarya region in the age of 94 years.

Visit of Japanese delegation

Uzbekistan and Japan are rapidly developing multilateral cooperation.

Photo exhibition of cultural heritage of Uzbekistan

An exhibition on the theme “Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan”, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence of our country, opened at the Tashkent House of Photography.

Exhibition “Enchanting pictures” at International Caravanserai of Culture

An exhibition of Master of Arts and crafts, a member of the Union of Composers of Uzbekistan Rima Gazalieva on the theme “Enchanting pictures” opened at the International Caravanserai of Culture named after Ikuo Hirayama of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

No City is Like Tashkent

Bits of history in the reminiscences, official data and unique photos and footage make up a documentary film titled ‘The Big Heart of Tashkent,’ whose presentation was held at the Alisher Navoi National Library of Uzbekistan.

Khiva to host dance festival "Magic of the Dance"

From 15 to 17 July, the city of Khiva will host international dance festival “Raqs sehri” ( "Magic of the Dance"), the press service of "Uzbektourism" said.