Photo exhibition dedicated to Belgium

A photo exhibition on “Do you know Belgium?” was organized at the State Museum of the Temurids’ history, which reflects the culture and art, history, customs and historical sites of Belgium.

The pilaf prepared in Tashkent is included in the Guinness Book of Records

Uzbek chefs prepared 7 360 kilograms of pilaf within the framework of “O’zbegim” festival of national values, which is continuing on Sayilgoh Street in Tashkent.

Margilan set to host festival of traditional textiles "Atlas Bayrami"

The 3rd Festival of traditional textiles "Atlas Bayrami (Feast of the Atlas") is set to be held from 15 to 16 September in Margilan. It has already become the largest cultural event in the Ferghana valley in terms of scale and attendance by foreign tourists.

Starting from September 5, 2017, the exchange rate of the Central Bank is set at 8100 UZS for 1 USD

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. DP-5177 of September 2, 2017 “On priority measures of liberalizing foreign exchange policy”, one of the priority directions of the state economic policy in the area of further liberalization of foreign exchange market is the exclusive use of market mechanisms in setting the national currency rate in relation to foreign currency.

Exhibition arranged on doubly joyous occasion: pictures showing history and today

In the exhibition hall of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan, an exhibition of art has been opened, devoted to the 26th anniversary of the Motherland’s independence and the 20th anniversary of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan.

The music festival has won hearts

On August 30, the XI “Sharq taronalari” International Music Festival has come to the end.

The music festival has won hearts

On August 30, the XI “Sharq taronalari” International Music Festival has come to the end.

Abdulla Qodiriy’s Novel ‘The Past Days’ to Be Published in English and French

The Islam Karimov Foundation promotes the preservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage of Uzbekistan by publishing and translating Uzbek masterpieces into other languages of the world, allocating grants for these purposes.

‘Under the Shadow of Lime Tree Alleys…’ Premieres

Soloists of the Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theater, led by the director, the Honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan, Andrei Slonim, for the third time successfully performed in the traditional 16th International Festival ‘Royal Days’ in Russia’s Yekaterinburg.

British Museum helps to return stolen artefact to Uzbekistan

The British Museum has helped to recover an important medieval Islamic artefact that surfaced in a London gallery after it was stolen from a monument in Uzbekistan, the Guardian reported.

In memory of a prominent personality

The 100th birth anniversary of Komiljon Otaniyozov, a people’s artiste of Uzbekistan and a laureate of the “Buyuk hismatlari uchun (For his great services)” award, is being widely celebrated in Khorazm Region.

Country’s peace, Motherland’s development highest blessings

A festival of friendship and culture on the slogan of “Uzbekistan is our common home” has taken place in Samarqand Region’s towns and villages.

"Journey to fairy town: welcome to Khiva"

The splendor of historical and architectural ensembles in the ancient cities of Uzbekistan and a number of unparalleled sights from time to time have been fascinating a foreign visitor who once visited our country.

Transformation of El Merosi Theater

The only theater in Uzbekistan of the historical costume El Merosi (Heritage of the Nation) in Samarkand will be transformed into the International Cultural Center.

Great prestige in international tourist market

In the Japanese city of Osaka, the Kansai International Tourism Exhibition KankuTabihaku-2017 was conducted in which representatives of various organizations and companies, public, cultural and business circles from about 50 countries of the world took part. Two-day exposition was visited by more than 42 thousand people.

Ukrainians taste Uzbek pilaf

As part of the celebration of the Day of Kiev, the Embassy of our country in Ukraine has organized a presentation of the traditional dish.

Uzbek pianist again amazes London

In May of this year, young and talented Uzbek pianist Bekhzod Abduraimov again enchanted the British capital with the charming sounds of music.

In Anticipation of the Silk and Spices Festival

Some changes have been made to the program of events of the Traditional Bukhara International Festival ‘Silk and Spices.’

The Golden Fund of the Uzbekistan Cinematography

Samarqand has launched a new tourist project: films included in the Golden Fund of Uzbekistan cinema art will be screening in cinema halls.

The Boysun Spring on the Eve of Summer

Boysun district of Surkhandarya region is hosting the Folklore Festival ‘Boysun Bahori’, which is among the major events of the country. It is aimed at preserving and popularizing the cultural legacy of our land, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the national tourism product on the international market.

Festival of Cultural Traditions

In Tashkent, the 15th cultural traditions and national dishes festival took place at the Uzexpocenter with the participation of the representatives of diplomatic corps and international organizations accredited in our country. It was organized by the Diplomatic Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic.

The Role in World History

The international congress ‘Cultural Legacy of Uzbekistan as the Path to the Dialogue between the Peoples and Countries’, which will be held on May 15 in Tashkent, will bring together 200 scientists and experts from 20 countries.

Street named after Magtymguly opens in Tashkent

Tashkent saw the opening of the street named after the prominent Turkmen poet and thinker Magtymguly and monument with his bas-relief image.

Boysun Bahori to Welcome Guests Again

On May 13-14, the International Folklore Festival ‘Boysun Bahori’ (Boysun Spring) will be held in Surkhandarya region, which President Shavkat Mirziyoyev offered to revive during the November visit to the region.

Priceless ‘Treasures of Nukus’

The visiting exhibition of the State Museum of Arts of Karakalpakstan ‘Treasures of Nukus’, hosting by at the Moscow Museum of Fine Arts, gets extended until May 30 due to the highest interest of the public.

Art gallery to open at Chorsu complex in Shahrisabz

On June 7, historical and architectural complex Chorsu in Shahrisabz will witness the opening of an art gallery, according to the press service of the State tourism committee.

Postage stamps devoted to Bolshoi theatre named after A. Navoi put into circulation

JSC "Uzbekiston pochtasi" has put into circulation a new postage stamp of series "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan. Theatre" dedicated to the State Academic Bolshoi theatre named after Alisher Navoi.

Atmosphere of peace and harmony

A festival has taken place in Namangan on the slogan of “Uzbekistan is our common home”.

Programme for Khiva and Khorezm tourism development approved

President Shavkat Mirziyoev signed a Resolution "On Programme of integrated development of the tourism potential of Khiva and the Khorezm region for 2017-2021".

Music Festival

A concert of the Youth Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, conductor Kamoliddin Urinbayev has taken place in the International Forums Palace Uzbekistan within the framework of Bahor Nafasi festival.